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1] Soul Engrave System

1. Soul Engrave

- A new system that can add extra power points for characters through soul engrave.

- you can find it at [Inventory> Soul Engrave].

2. Soul Engrave Types

- Destroyer Soul: The ability points of the attack series can be marked.

- Guardian Soul: The ability points of the defense series can be engraved.

- Extreme Soul: The ability points of the potential series can be engraved.

- Destroyer/Guardian/Extreme Soul can be obtained through crafting.

- Destroyer/Guardian/Extreme Soul may fail during crafting.

- The Crafting recipe can be found in [Craft>Soul Engrave].

3.Perform Soul Engrave

- Use Destroyer/Guardian/Extreme Soul to obtain Destroyer/Guardian/Extreme Soul Engrave Points.

- Destroyer/Guardian/Extreme Soul Engrave Points can be used to engrave your desired ability points.

- The number of souls engrave points consumed varies according to the number of times you perform soul engrave.

- When performing soul engrave, ability points will be randomly assigned from the specified ability point value according to the number of souls engrave performed.

- In the Soul Engrave information, you can confirm the obtained ability points information.

4. Re-Engrave

- You can reset your Soul Engrave status.

- You can Re-Engrave with diamonds or Soul Purifier and your engrave points will be returned.

- The number of diamonds or Soul Purifier required for a reset will vary according to the number of Soul Engrave appointed.

- Soul Purifier can be obtained when the Destroyer/Guardian/Extreme Soul is successfully crafted.

* For more details, please check our Soul Engrave Guide.

[☞☞ Soul Engrave]

2] System Addition and Improvement

1. New Pet Orb Group B

- Group B has been added to the Pet Orb field. (Currently, the pet orb field applies to group A)

- Diamonds are required to activate Pet Orb Group B.

- Only pets that have activated Pet Orb Group B can use Group B.

(To use another pet's Pet Orb Group B, the pet's B Group needs to be enabled.)

- Only when Equipment A and B are changed, the pet orb group of all pets can be changed.

- If the pet orb group B has not been activated or is locked, the pet orb group A will be applied regardless of the equipment item group.

- All pet orbs installed in pet orb groups A and B will affect the expedition power during pet exploration.

- Pet orb group B can be locked, only Pet orb group A can be applied when Pet orb group B is locked.

(The locked state can be unlocked again without consuming diamonds after your purchase it.)

-When installing a pet orb, the pet orb of the current group will be applied.

(Example: The pet orb group A will be applied when the pet orb is installed while using the equipment group A.)

* For more details, please check [☞☞ Pets]

2. New Training Field

-The training field is a map where you can practice PVP freely without worrying about the death penalty.

-Designed with 4 different structures areas, you can try diverse PVP.

-The training field can be entered from [Dungeon>Special Dungeon]

3. Improve Collection System

- Now Soul Enchanted Equipment can also be registered on collection.

4. Pet Expedition Improvement=

-When selecting the area where the pet adventure has been completed, you need to click the [Receive Reward] button in the pop-up window to receive the reward.

-When you click the [X] button, the pop-up window will be closed, and no reward will be received.

- [Start Again] button will be activated when the expedition rewards information ends.

3] New Events

1. Halloween Events

Event time: 2021/10/6 after maintenance until 2021/11/10 before maintenance.

1.1 The Spooky Dungeon

Event Content:

- 2 hours entrance time limit for every day.

- You can get a Pumpkin Box (Event) when you kill monster in here

>using Pumpkin Box (Event) can randomly get the following items:

1.2 Halloween Mission

- Only Lvl.50 Characters can receive the mission.

- Mission: Kill 300 Halloween Monster

- Reward: 500,000 gold coins / 30 Halloween Coins (bound)

1.3 Halloween NPC Shop (NPC Melia)

- During the event period, you can use Halloween Coins (bound) to purchase goods in the event shop (NPC Melia).

1.4 Halloween Event Crafting Formula

- Event time: 2021/10/6 after maintenance until 2021/11/10 before maintenance.

- Good Soul Shard (Bound) = 1 Halloween Coin (Bound) +100 Gold Coins

1.5 Double Coin in Golden Maze

Event time: 2021/10/6 after maintenance until 2021/11/10 before maintenance.

- During the event can obtain 2 times gold coin in the Golden Maze.


The following items will be deleted 2 weeks after the event ends (11/24).

- Halloween Weapon Scroll (Bound)

- Halloween Armor Scroll (Bound)

- Halloween Soulstone Enhance Scroll (Bound)

- Halloween Coins (Bound)

- Ghost Cookies (Event)

- Halloween Buff (Event)

- Halloween Cookies (Event)

2. Event over

2.1 Remove Red Coral Island Dungeon.

2.2 Remove Red Coral Island Mission.

2.3 Remove Red Coral Island NPC.

2.4 Promised Necklace Events over。

- Remove Event NPC.

- The event collection and crafting recipe will be deleted 2 weeks after the events end (10/20).

2.5 Remove Growth Support Box.

- Growth Support Box Lv.1 (Event)

- Growth Support Box Lv.10 (Event)

- Growth Support Box Lv.20 (Event)

- Growth Support Box Lv.30 (Event)

- Growth Support Box Lv.40 (Event)

- Growth Support Box Lv.50 (Event)

- Growth Support Box Lv.60 (Event)

- Growth Support Box Lv.70 (Event)

2.6 Remove 100 Days Anniversary Package

- 100 Days Anniversary Package I

- 100 Days Anniversary Package II

- 100 Days Anniversary Package III

4] Shop Package Updates

1. Monthly Package

2. New Package

3. The number of limited purchases of some gift packages has increased

The number of purchase restrictions for the following gift packages has been adjusted from 1 to 2.

- Value Package

- NEW Novice Package

- NEW Intermediate Package

4. Levina's Special Pet Draw

Sale time: 2021/10/6 after maintenance until 2021/10/20 before maintenance.


- Special Pet Draw (11EA)

- Price : 2,500 Diamonds/5,000 Mileage (50 Buy limit per server)

5. Remove Package

- Monthly Marie's All-in-one Package II

- Good Pet Orb Box (Bound)

- Discount 50% Supreme Pet Draw

- Discount 50% Paid Accessories

5] Other Fix and Update

1. Fixed side quests bug, cannot be counted as done when making [Craft> Others> Consumable> Botan's Blessing (Binding).

2. Fixed item name and special effects were incorrectly marked when Amelia’s pendant was transcend.

3. Fixed wrong gold coin recovery cost of some equipment items.