[EOS RED]Server is online 7/7 2021.07.07Back

《EOS RED》 7/7 Maintenance has been completed!

Dear Adventurer, You now can log in to the game normally

[Maintenance content]
1. Added New Rune System
2. Added New Areas
3. New Maximum Distribution Points After Reached Lv.100
4. Optimization Revenge System and Guild Revenge Function
5. Added New Colosseum Reward Shop
6. Updated BOSS monster appearance time
7. Update number limit that can be entered in the Guild announcement
8. Added New 24 Hour Premium Guild Buff
9. Optimized Auto Enhance speed of Soulstone
10. Adjust the balance of equipment and Drops
11. Added new tax distribution method for Guild (War Distribution)
12. Added new shortcut key lock function
13. Title System Optimization With New Title Effects
14. Added New Chaos Earrings and Chaos Tower Accessory Set
15. Eden & Strand Set Effect Optimization
16. Chaos Tower Optimization
17. Challenge Tower Optimization
18. Added a new function to preview your Redraw pet in the Pet collection
19. Added New function to remove all equipment
20. Added New achievements
21. Added a new recipe for making the Emperor's Ring
22. Added Paid Accessory+5 Crafting Recipe
23. New Hot Summer Event
24. The Promise ring event ends
25. Monthly Package Update
26. Other Fix and Update
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