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1] Rune System

*What is Rune System?

Runes can enchant your weapons, armors, and accessories with additional attributes.

It can be crafted by combining materials from Kronos mainland.。

1. Rune Attachment

- Rune Socket can be unlocked up to 3 slots, based on the enhancement value of the equipment.

2. Added Rune Crafting System

- Add [Craft>Runes], you now can make weapons/armor/accessory runes.

- Crafting runes will consume rune fragments and gold.

3. Rune Inventory

- Added rune section to the Inventory.

> Crafted runes will be kept in the backpack separately, as it is not included in the inventory limit.

4. Rune Attachment

- You can select Rune management to attach or remove your runes

- Depending on the equipment, the types of runes that can be attached are also different.

- There is no additional cost to attach and remove your runes.

- The attached rune will not be lost when it's removed

- When selecting your equipment, now you can see what rune attached and its attributes.

5. Rune Enhancement

- You can increase rune strength by enhancement.

- Runes that are attached to equipment cannot be enhanced. (Please remove the runes first for enhancement)

- When doing rune enhancement, it needs to consume 1 of the same type and the same enhancement value.

- When enhancement Success,it will increase enhance value +1

- When enhancement Failed, The state of the rune remains unchanged, and the rune used as the material will disappear.

- The maximum number that can be enhanced each time is 40.

ex) [+2 ATK Rune]+ [+2 ATK Rune] = Success[+3 ATK Rune];Failed [+2 ATK Rune]

6.Rune Dismantle

- You can obtain rune fragments by dismantling specific types of runes.

- You can get more rune fragments by dismantling enchanted runes.

7. Things to keep in mind when using Runes

*Equipment with runes will have the following restrictions.

> Cannot be registered for market or parcel. (You can proceed after the rune is removed)

> No storage, no enhancement, no dismantling, Cannot sell, Cannot register in collection book, and can not be used as production materials. (You can proceed after the rune is removed)

> If the PVP loot is equipped with a rune, the attached rune will disappear.

- if you recover your equipment that has attached with runes, the rune will not be destroyed.

- For details, you can check our official guide

[EOS RED] Rune System.

2] New Area

1. Added New Abyss Mine B6 Area

- New Abyss Mine B6 Teleport Scroll.

- New Crafting Recipe Abyss Mine B6 Teleport Scroll.

- New Information about monsters and items drops that appear on Abyss Mine B6.

2. Added New Abandoned Valley Area 3

- Added Abandoned Valley Area 3 Quick Teleport.

- Added New Information about monsters and items drops that appear on Abandoned Valley Area 3.

3. Expand Challenge Tower

- Added new Floor to Challenge Tower (51~60F).

4. New Monster Collection

- Added New Abyss Mine B6 Monsters Collection.

- Added 2 new special Monsters Collection.

- Added 5 new Abandoned Valley Area 3 Monsters Collection.

- Add 11 New Challenge Tower 51~60F Monsters Collection.

3] System additions and improvements

1. When the character reaches Lv100, the maximum Distribution point will expand.

- When the character reaches Lv100, the maximum distribution point is increased to 40.

2. Optimization Revenge System and Guild Revenge Function

-When you lose in PvP, you can register revenge in Guild [Combat Record].

> Only Guild members who have joined the clan for more than 24 hours can make a request.

> 15 diamonds are required to request revenge in Guild.

> One person can request up to 5 times a day.

> The request can be made within 24 hours from the time of PvP defeat.

> When you got revenge debuff continuously, you will not get the revenge debuff for a certain period.

> You can choose one type of revenge [Personal Revenge and Guild Revenge].

- You can view all listed guild revenge on [Guild>Alliance & Enemy> Guild Revenge]

> You can choose and confirm from the Guild revenge request list and proceed with the Guild revenge.

> Completed or Failed Guild revenge request will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

- [Guild Revenge Record] will record all of this week's revenge records.

- When [Move] is selected, it will teleport you to revenge target.

> Only one guild member can use the [Move] function in Guild Revenge

- Guild Revenge [move] cannot be used under the following conditions.

> The revenge target is not online.

> The revenge target is located in an area where the revenge function does not work.

> The character who using Guild Revenge [move] is currently in an area where the revenge function does not work.

> The character who using Guild Revenge [move] currently has a revenge debuff effect.

- When the revenge target is moving, the revenge debuff will be applied to the revenge target.

> Debuff effect: For 45 seconds cannot use any special teleportation or any map movement functions.

3. Added New Colosseum Reward Shop

- When defeating the final BOSS in the Colosseum, there is a certain chance that you will encounter the reward Shop.

> When defeating the final BOSS, the remaining monsters will all disappear.

- Honor Coins can be exchanged for various items in the reward shop.

- The reward shop can only be used by a player with a score of 50,000 or more in the Colosseum.

- The use time after jumping out of the reward shop after clearing the arena is 3 minutes.

- The reward shop can be used through the icon on the right side of the minimap.

4. Updated BOSS monster appearance time

- When the following BOSS monsters appear, they will appear within 1 hour from the actual times.

> Everett

> Thumthum

> Derrod

> Vinn

> Artin

> Katakin

> Chimera

> Soul Eater Fusion

> Ratta

> Utgard

> Brophin

> Vereth

> Sunol

> Megas

5. Update number limit that can be entered in the Guild announcement

- The number of words that can be entered in the announcement of the Guild has been increased to 256.

6. Added New 24 Hour Premium Guild Buff

- New Premium Guild Buff that can be purchased for 24 hours

- New 24 Hour Premium Guild Buff cost: 2,000 diamonds

7. Optimized Auto Enhance speed of Soulstone

- Make Auto Enhance for Soulstone Faster than original.

8. Adjust the balance of equipment and Drops

- Activation effect, Duration balance adjustment

- Paladin weapon soul enhance effect adjustment

- Adjust and balancing newly added abilities in each enhanced Weapon stages.

- Adjust and balancing newly added abilities in each enhanced Armor stages.

- Adjust and balancing newly added abilities in each enhanced Accessory stages.

9. Added new tax distribution method for Guild (War Distribution)

- Added [War Distribution] in the tax distribution method.

- [War Distribution] will be shared according to the number of times of participation in Siege Warfare/Territory war.

> Members with 0 participation times will be excluded from participating War Distribution.

> After participating, the cumulative number of times will be reset.

> If all Guild members' points are 0, they will not be able to participate in the distribution.

10. Added new shortcut key lock function

- To prevent items or skills registered in the shortcut keys from being canceled, the shortcut key lock function has been added.

- When the shortcut keys are locked, the items or skills of the shortcut keys cannot be removed.

11. Title System Optimization With New Title Effects

- Added 17 new titles.

- Changed rewards based on the number of titles obtained.

- When a title is obtained, the title effect will be applied.

- Regardless of whether your title is equiped or not, the title effect will be applied immediately after the title is obtained.

- The total information of the title effect can be checked in [Title], [Title Effect].

12. Added New Chaos Earrings and Chaos Tower Accessory Set

- Added Chaos earrings.

- Chaos earrings can be purchased in the reputation shop on Chaos Tower 2F.

- Added New Chaos Tower Accessory Set

13. Eden & Strand Set Effect Optimization

- Eden Optimization for [7 Set]

> CRIT Rate+2%, CRIT DMG Up+15%

- Strand Optimization for [5 Set]

> M.ATK+10, DMG Cut+4

- Strand Optimization for [7 Set]。

> M.ATK+10, M.CRIT Rate+2%, DMG Cut+2

14. Chaos Tower Optimization

- Azure Dragon buff effect from Chaos Tower now only applies to yourself.

- PvP points will not be added when you win PvP in Chaos Tower.

15. Challenge Tower Optimization

- Remove all Floors level restrictions in Challenge Tower.

> The minimum level (Lv40) for entering Challenge Tower remains unchanged.

- You can choose the section you want to challenge every day.

> You can challenge 10 floors of the selected section. When you complete 1 floor of the section, you will not be able to challenge the floors of other sections (after the challenge tower is reset the next day, you can select and challenge other sections)

> The Tower of Challenge resets at 5 am every day.

16. Added a new function to preview your Re-draw pet in the Pet collection

- Now you can preview your Re-Draw pet in [Pet collection].

- When the [Pet collection] button is selected, the registration information of the pet book can be confirmed.

> Completed: No matter whether the pet is acquired or not, the collection picture is completed.

> Can be Complete: a pet collection picture can be complete when the pet is obtained.

> In progress: Even if you get the pet, you cannot complete the pet collection picture.

17. New function to remove all equipment

- Added a function to remove currently equip items.

- Remove all equipment function can only be used in villages/cities.

18. New achievements

- Added 11 new achievements.

19. Added a new recipe for making the Emperor's Ring

- Added the recipe for making the Emperor's Ring.

- Crafting materials can be obtained when complete level 95 achievement (Ring) and level 100 achievement (Prophecy Scroll).

> Crafting recipe: Undead Ring (Bound) ( or Divine Bow Ring (Bound) / Excellent Ring (Bound) / Reaper's Ring (Bound) / Holy Ring (Bound)) + Prophecy Scroll (Bound) + 1,000,000 Gold.

> Result: Emperor's Ring (Bound)

20. Added Paid Accessory+5 Crafting Recipe

4] Added New Event

1. New Hot Summer Event

Event period: 7/7/2021, after maintenance until 7/8/2021 before maintenance

Event Content:

- Now monster will also drop Red Adventurer Token (bound).

-  You can exchange your Red Adventurer Token (bound) for limited items with NPC Rosetta.

- Added Event Recipe Crafting

1) Marie's Bracelet Craft Scroll (Event) = Marie's Bracelet Craft Scroll Coupon (Event) +Marie's Bracelet Craft Scroll Shard (Bound) + 100 Gold

> Marie's Bracelet Craft Scroll Shard (Bound) can be brought from Shops>Normal>Event items.

2) Lucky Soulstone Box (Event) = 4x Lucky Soulstone Box Coupon (Bound)+ 100 Gold

-Added New Event Quest.

> Daily missions, Hunt 300 monsters.

> Reward:

- 10 Red Adventurer Token (bound)

- 200,000 Gold Coins


- After the event is over, Red Adventurer Token (bound) will be deleted.

- After the event ends, the event NPC will be on vacation.

- After the event ends, all Event Recipe Crafting will be deleted.

- Marie's Bracelet Craft Scroll (Event) will be deleted 2 weeks after the event ends (expected on August 25).

- Lucky Soulstone Box Coupon (Bound) will be deleted 2 weeks after the event ends (expected on August 25).

- Red Adventurer Token (bound) will be deleted 2 weeks after the event ends

(expected on August 25).

2. End of the Event

Promise Ring ability value will be deleted. (You can register it Collection.)

5] Monthly Package Update

1. Monthly Expert Knight Pack

- Package Content

> Price: Each server is limited to 2 times purchases per month

6] Other Fix and Update

1. All items obtained from PvP Trophy will be changed to [bound].

-After the update, all items obtained from PvP Trophy will be changed to [bound].

-Items obtained from PvP Trophy before the update will not be changed to [bound].

2. Fixed a bug in Guild Bidding

if there are red dots shown, guild rewards will also show red dots.

3. Information on Monster drops has been updated to the latest version.

4. Increased M. Crit Rate in the arena ranking Buff.

5. Improve UI for skill description.

6. Added a Rune UI to the menu.

7. Fixed loss exp bug in battle log when a player dies more than 4 times.

8. Increase INT gain value for Paladin Ranking.

9. Increase M.ATK gain value for Paladin Ranking.

10. Enlarged some legendary pet sizes [Hovac, Flynn].

11. Enlarged [Hell Herald] monster sizes on Abyss Mine B6.

12. Adjust and balancing general monsters and elite monsters from Lauren Farm.