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Hunt Schedule

- It is now possible to schedule a specific map (Include Dungeon) that you want to hunt automatically.

- The Hunt Schedule system is available after you reach Lvl60.

- Up to 5 schedules can be set and will reset at 5 am every day.

- You can reset your hunt schedule list.

- These below are the Dungeon that can be registered in the hunt schedule:
Sword Holy Land B1F

Winter Castle 1F
Winter Castle 2F
Winter Castle B1F
Abyss Mine B1F
Abyss Mine B2F
Abyss Mine B3F
Abyss Mine B4F
Abyss Mine B6F
Camp of Despair 1F
Camp of Despair B1F
Camp of Despair B2F
Camp of Despair B3F
Underground Ruin B1F
Underground Ruin B2F
Underground Ruin B3F
Silent Cave B1F
Caquix Fort 1F
Caquix Fort 2F
Caquix Fort 3F

- When moving to a dungeon, the entrance fee or moving scroll will be consumed.
The entrance fee can be confirmed in the schedule list.

- You can change the order of the hunt schedule.

- After entering the dungeon, it will consume Portal Scroll to move and start hunting.

If there is no Portal Scroll, hunting will start immediately.

- When your dungeon time is over, you will return to the village to purchase Good HP Potion (bound).

- When you don't have enough gold to purchase Good HP Potion (bound), your next schedule will start immediately.

- The Schedule may fail due to limited levels, limited remaining time, insufficient gold, and other conditions.

- You can use [II] pause button to temporarily stop your schedule.
※ Your hunt schedule must be paused/stopped if you want to add a new schedule.
- The Hunt Schedule will be stopped when your character dies, teleports, or doing Kronos, Siege Warfare, Territory War, Revenge, Challenge Tower.
- When the schedule is stopped, the failed schedule will be deleted from the list.
- The waiting schedule can be modified after the schedule is stopped.
- Completed Schedules or in progress cannot be modified until they are reset at 5 am the next day.
- At the time of resetting, everything will be reset except for the ongoing schedule.
- After all schedules are over, you will return to the village.