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-Guild is a system that allows players to gather together and enjoy the fun of the game.
-You can get buffs and attendance rewards through the guild system.
-According to the growth process of the guild, you can get more benefits.
-Characters over level 40 can create the guild.
-Characters over level 30 can join the guild.
-You can use attendance rewards, donations, and advanced buffs 24 hours after joining the guild.
-You can send items through parcels between members of your guild.
-Through the guild manager NPC, you can rent a stronghold.

[1] You can confirm the guild information.
-Click the magnifying glass icon of the guild effect to view the impact of the guild level.
[2] You can confirm the buff information of guild members and apply the buff to guild members.
[3] The experience value of the guild.
[4] Leave from the  guild and the wait to join button
-leave from the guild: members of the guild can leave from the guild. The leader of the blood cannot leave. (Use the guild dissolution function)
-Wait to join: The guild manager, the guild leader manages to wait to join the list. Characters who apply to the guild can get permission to enter here.
[5] attendance rewards, donations, guild cooperation mission buttons
-attendance reward: Press the attendance reward button in the guild to get the reward corresponding to the number of attendees.
-Donation: Donate money for the rapid growth of the guild. After the guild grows, you can add benefits such as the guild buff effect.
-guild cooperation mission: Let the guild grow through the guild cooperation mission.
[6] Greetings, an announcement of the guild.
-When recruiting guild members, you can fill in the announcement information of the guild members.


Guild effect
-According to the guild level, all guild members will get guild buffs.
-The higher the guild level, the higher the effect gained.
-Buff effects of the guild will include all previous level effects.

Premium Guild buff
-You can use diamonds or guild bonus effect ticket items to purchase buff effects applicable to all guild members.
-One-time purchase lasts for 1 hour, and the time can be extended in advance by making an appointment purchase.
-Display the remaining time of the activated guild bonus effect.
-guild member buffs will not be distinguished from guild leader or guild member when purchasing.


Attendance Reward
 -All members of the guild, including the guild leader, will be recorded after attendance.
-According to the number of guilds who attend the previous day, the corresponding reward will be determined on that day.
-The guild attendance is reset at 5 am every day.
*Attendance bonus content may change due to the revision


 -Consuming gold or diamonds can obtain guild contribution, Guild Coins, guild experience points, and guild funds.
-The rewards are different according to the type of donation.
-Donations can only be made three times a day.
-The donation will be reset at 5 am every day.


Guild Cooperation mission
 -The leader of the guild can choose a mission for the clan cooperation mission.
-Press the [Go now] button to perform the mission through the portal.
-If you cannot complete the guild’s mission, you can select the mission again after [Cancel].
-According to the growth of the guild level, the range of mission selection will be changed and diverse.
-Consuming diamonds can carry out special cooperative missions.
-Special cooperative missions can not limit the guild’s level, and they can choose missions freely.
-The leader of the guild and the members of the guild will receive rewards to help the guild grow after completing the cooperation mission of the guild.
-guild cooperation missions can only be performed once a week.
-guild cooperation mission is reset every Monday at 5 am.

√ Tip
 -Guild coin can be used to purchase specific items in the guild store

Guild member
 -A menu to view the information of guild members
 The leader of the blood clan can use the functions of transferring the leader’s authority, setting the deputy leader of the guild, and kicking out the guild members.

 -The leader of the guild can apply for or accept the alliance between the guilds, and can register the enemy guild.
-The alliance between guilds needs to invite other guilds to join the alliance, and the other guilds must accept to be considered complete.
-The enemy guild does not need to invite or accept; it will be applied directly after the setting is completed.
-After the registration of the enemy guilds is completed, the enemy guilds mark will be displayed on the character name of the member of the enemy guilds.


 -You can confirm the ranking of guilds in the server on the ranking page.
-You can confirm the info of other guilds
-Search by the guild’s namethe  to view the ranking and related information of the guild you want to see.


 -The leader of the guild can manage the player who want to join the guild.
a. Refusal to join: You can refuse to join when you do not accept the guild members.
b. Allowed to join: After applying for membership, you can join the guild setting with the approval of the guild leader.
c. Join now: The setting of joining directly without approval.
-Guild disband: Only when there are no other members in the guild.


Guild Store NPC
-The guild store sells healing potions, soul stones, skill books, pet coins, etc.
-You need the guild coins to buy items in the guild store.
-The guild coins can be obtained through the guild cooperation mission.
-You can use the guild store in big cities.
Guild Manager NPC
- Can rent a stronghold from Guild manager for guild members to use.
- Needs to pay gold for renting a stronghold, only during the lease can the stronghold be used.
- The leasing periods are 30, 90, and 180 days; the rental differs according to the leasing periods.
- Additional leasing period can be added before the current lease ended. The system will extend the total leasing period according to the additional lease added.
- Only the guild leader can rent a stronghold. It can be done in big cities.
- When the lease ends, all members in the stronghold will be forced to move to a village.
- When the guild is disbanded, the stronghold will be closed regardless of thehe remaining leasing period.

Stronghold teleportation NPC
- The NPC allows guild members to move to the guild stronghold.
- Guild stronghold teleport NPC can be found and used in big cities.
- Can use stronghold scroll to teleport to the stronghold.
- Stronghold is the place for guild members to meet up and interact with each other.
- Cannot PvP in stronghold
- HP / MP Regen rate doubles in stronghold.

Guild Reward
 - Systems that can provide rewards to Guild members
 - The Guild reward system is only available to Guild leaders. (Guild members of other ranks confirm the list of items)
 - The target of guild reward distribution must join the guild for more than 24 hours and meet the reward conditions.
 - Each character can be awarded a maximum of 3 times a week.
 - Guild rewards can be distributed at any time without any time limit
 - The higher the level, the more rewarding items can be offered.
 - Guild rewards can be seen in the [Guild > Rewards] item, and the reward items are as follows

Price (Guild Fund)
Guild Liquor Gift Box
Guild Soulstone Gift Box
Guild Pet Gift Box
Guild Honor Coin Gift Box
Guild Monster Card
Guild Pet Orb Gift Box
Guild Botan Gift Box

 - The Guild Rewards Shop will display a list of items and a breakdown of prizes paying out during the week
 - Payout details can be recorded up to 90 and will be listed in order of the latest order.

 - You can arrange the payout list by setting objects
 - You can specify Reward conditions at the time you set the conditions
※ Contribution of the week setting: Mark the characters whose contribution of the week exceeds the specified set value.
※ Exclude Enemy PK Not Engaged (On/Off): Marks characters with more than one enemy PK.
※ Setting the participation level of the weekly events: the characters whose participation level is above the specified value marked as Guild Raid, Siege Warfare, Territory War and other events.

 - Characters that do not meet the criteria are displayed in the list, but cannot be selected

 - Multiple award targets can be selected (all Guild Members that can be awarded will be selected when [Select All] is clicked)
 - You can only select a majority of people up to the number of times the item can be purchased. If the number of purchases exceeds the number of times the item can be purchased, you will no longer be able to select a member.

- Reward Items will be delivered via email