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[EOS RED] - Occupation war

Occupation war

-Occupation war is a conquest system in which servers battle in Kronos and occupy the field map to get special rewards.

- Applicants for the Occupation War will be selected from the top 30 players in the ranks of each class.

-The occupation War will be held every Wednesday, here are the detailed schedule.

> Application time for Occupation War: Every Wednesday at 09:00~09:50 pm

> Waiting time for Occupation War: Every Wednesday at 09:50~10:00 pm

> Occupation Wartime: Every Wednesday 10:00~11:00pm

- The occupation War is carried out on multiple field maps at the same time.

- In Occupation War, you will get points by eliminating monsters/characters/buildings, etc. At the end of the War, the server with the highest points will occupy the area.

- Occupation wars will provide participation rewards and victory rewards, and the successfully occupied areas can be used for extra time. (Increase when the usage time is reset every other week.)

-The general field map connected to the occupation war cannot be entered after the occupation war starts.

-Characters that are currently connected to the occupation war will be forced to move to Ignea City 30 minutes before the start of the occupation battle.

-The battlefield map cannot be teleported/returned. And it is not possible to use functions such as Mission/Dungeon/BOSS Dungeon.

- When a character dies on the battlefield map, it will not receive the death penalty such as items and experience drops.

- General chat is not available on the battlefield map.

- The upper center of the HUD of the battlefield map will mark the points of each server of the map and the current ranking.

- The points and rankings of each server are automatically updated every 5 minutes.

- When you die on the battlefield map, it will be resurrected in the hall.

- When disconnected on the battlefield map, you will be located in Ignea when you reconnect.


- When participating in the Occupation wars, all characters will be marked with capitalized English words A/B/C... to represent their servers.

- In the battlefield map, when you click on the character of the same server, all information will be displayed normally.

- In the battlefield map, when you click on other server characters, the menu will not be displayed.

-You cannot team up with other server characters on the battlefield map.

-The characters of the same server in the battlefield map can be teamed up.

-When entering the cross-server battlefield, the team will be automatically disarmed, and the team must be re-organized after entering the battlefield.

-The battlefield map cannot communicate with other server characters in whisper.

-In the battlefield map, you can whisper to the characters of the same server.

-Other server character friends cannot be added to the battlefield map.

-Cannot chat with characters from other servers.

Monster & BOSS

-When you kill a monster, you will get different points according to the level of the monster.

-When killing monsters, experience points/gold coins will be provided according to the rules (contribution).

-When killing monsters, items will be dropped according to the rule (contribution).

-When killing a monster, the monster gain effect is provided to the character who hit the last blow.

-There are 8 types of monster gain effects at most, and only better effects will be retained when the same kind of gain effects are obtained. 

-The monster buff effect will be maintained after the character dies and resurrects.

-30 minutes after the start of the occupation war, a boss monster will appear in each area.

-Rare items will be dropped and a lot of points will be obtained when defeating BOSS monsters.


-Destroy buildings in the area to get a lot of points.

How to get points

- Kill monsters, other server characters, BOSS monsters, or destroy buildings (guard towers) to get points.

- Destroy buildings (guard towers) or defeat BOSS monsters to get higher points.

- Players who continuously kill multiple other servers will get ACE marks, and players who defeat ACE will get quite high points.

Start of the occupation war

- 1 hour before the start of the occupation war, the occupation war icon will appear on the upper right corner of the HUD of all characters.

- Click the occupation war icon to apply to participate in the war.

- Click the Apply button to apply for the occupation war.

- The application for participation can be canceled.

- Participation application will be maintained after moving to the character selection window or logging out.

- Other characters with the same account as the character applied for can also confirm the application page, and the ID of the currently applied character will be displayed on the application UI.

- The role of the same account can cancel the application of other characters.

- Participation application can only apply for one character for one account. If you change to another character when you have already applied, the previous application will be automatically canceled.

- 30 minutes before the start of the occupation war, the top 30 players of each professional force will be selected from all applied roles.

- Continuing, the power value will be selected with reference to the power ranking calculated at 5 a.m. that day.

- After confirming the participation, the application page will indicate the list of participants for each profession.

- Use the move button on the application page to go to the occupation war map. Characters who cannot participate can check the battle status on this page.

- Players located in the Kronos area will be forcibly moved to Ignea City after the start of the waiting state for the occupation war.

- After the start of the holdover waiting state, Kronos will restrict entry to only participants.

- If you are selected as a participant in the occupation war, you can move to the warrior's hall after the waiting state begins. However, the function of moving to the battlefield through NPC is disabled before the start of the occupation.

- Characters who are not eligible to participate after the start of the occupation war cannot enter the Kronos area through the world map.

- After the start of the occupation war, the world map of the Kronos area cannot be moved to each instance, but can only be moved to the warrior's palace.

- You can check the current situation and detailed information of the occupation war when you click [War Condition] in the Kronos map menu.

- After entering the battle, you can confirm the battle situation when you click the battle situation button on the right of the mini-map on the left.

- Click the game status button to confirm the current score status.

- The pop-up window will display the current points of all participating servers in each region and the points of individual roles of the server in each region.

Occupation War Admission

- Through the NPC located in the warrior's hall, you can go to the battlefield of occupation that you want to enter.

- The battlefield map has a limit on the number of people. If the number of people on the map has exceeded the limit, they will not be able to enter the battlefield. (The maximum number of servers in each map is 40)

Occupation War Process

- When you kill monsters/kill other server characters/destroy buildings in the Occupy Battlefield map, you can get points for the battlefield map.

- The scores obtained by the characters of each server will be added up and saved by region.

- The Occupation Battlefield map will indicate the points and rankings of each server.

- If you log out during the process, you will be in Ignea when you log in again.

- If you return to the character selection page during the process, you will be located in Ignea when you log in again.

- If you encounter a disconnection during the process, you will be on the original map when you log in again.

The end of the occupation war

- At the end of the occupation battle, all the characters located on the battlefield map and the warrior's hall will be forced to move to Ignea City and display the results of the battle.

- After the points of each map are totaled, the overall ranking and reward level will be calculated.

- There are 15 reward levels, divided into S+ ~ F- levels.

- When you click on a region in the result UI, you can confirm the ranking information of that region

- The ranking pop-up window will list the rankings and points of each server in each region, as well as the ID/points earned of the characters under each server.

- The character of the ranking information window server can be ranked according to the points earned. My character information will be at the top.

- When you click the detailed information, you can confirm the detailed information of the character.

- Each map will be ranked according to the points earned and rewards will be distributed according to the ranking.

- Characters with less than 10,000 points will not be rewarded regardless of whether they are in the rankings.

- When successfully occupying an area, additional rewards will be provided according to the ranking.

- At the end of the occupation war, if there are servers with the same points, the winner will be determined in the order of lower death count/higher kill count/whether to defeat the boss.

- At the end of the occupation war, if there is a situation where the highest score of the server has the same score, the team with the lower attack power will rank higher.

- If the character participating in the Occupation War is offline at the end of the Occupation War, rewards will be sent to the mailbox based on the accumulated points.

- If the character participating in the occupation war is not on the battlefield map at the end of the occupation war, the result window will not be displayed and the reward will be sent to the mailbox based on the accumulated points.

- The server successfully occupying the map will give all the characters of the server additional time to use the occupied map. The additional time will be automatically increased every other week when the usage time is reset.

After the occupation war

- All characters can enter the Kronos area.

- All dungeons of the Kronos area can be entered.

- When confirming the occupation war information in the Kronos area, all characters can confirm the last occupation war ranking information.

- The dungeon of Kronos is weekly, and the time is reset every Monday at 5 am.

- The server that successfully occupied the area will receive an extra bonus when the time is reset. The base time is 2 hours.

Ex) If Server A successfully captures [Clone Lab] and [Collapsed Kardilla] during the 2/27 Occupation War, when the dungeon time is reset at 5 am on 3/1 every other week, all characters of Server A will have added [ Clone Lab], [Collapsed Kaldira]dungeon time 2 more hours.