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What is Territorial war?

-A system for acquiring territorial resources through territorial battles between guilds on the world continent.

-Before you want to seize territory through territory wars, you need to invest a sum of money for bidding by the guild.

-Among the guilds participating in the bidding, battles will take place between the guilds that win the bid.

-The guild that wins in the territory battle will receive rewards and taxes corresponding to the system.

Anonymous bidding

-To participate in the territorial war, you must first apply through the bidding process.

-Bid is available for guild level 4 or higher.

-Bidding can only be carried out by the leader of the guild.

-The bidding time is from 6 o'clock on Monday to 23:59:59 on Thursday.

-After selecting a territory and bidding, it cannot be cancelled, and it is not possible to make repeated bids to other territories at the same time.

-According to the size of the territory, the top 3 blood alliances that have won the bid will be able to participate in the territory war.

-There is a minimum bid amount at the time of bidding, and a higher price must be used for bidding.

-The names of the guild participating in the bidding and the bid amount will not be disclosed. (You can only confirm the amount of your guild bid.)


-After participating in the bidding, you must bid at a higher price before you can bid again.

-When re-bidding, the difference between the current bid amount and the re-bidding amount will be deducted from the guild funds.

Bid result (successful bid)

-At the end of the bidding period, you can confirm whether my guild has won the bid.

-Even if there are other winning guilds, the name of the blood alliance and the bid amount will not be disclosed.

-The winning guild can engage in territorial warfare.

-For guilds that participated in the bid but did not win the bid, the bid amount will be returned to the guild with the guild funds.

Battlefield Information

-You can check the battlefield information of the territory in advance before bidding and fighting for the territory.

-In the battlefield information widow, you can confirm the position of the group/guardian stone/castle/tower/guard/magic circle/barricade position.

The battle of territorial wars

-Territory battles are held every Saturday from 21:00-21:29:59.

-After the territorial battle begins, you can select the territorial battle icon in the upper right corner to enter the territorial battle.

-Guild members who have just joined the guild for less than 24 hours cannot participate in territorial wars.

Territorial warfare rules

-Territory wars Among the guilds that participate in the bidding, the winning  guilds will fight for territorial wars.

> If there are no bidding  guilds in the territory, the territory war will not start.

> When only 1 guild wins the bid, you won't need to fight to win.

-In the process of territorial battle, destroy the guardian stone of the enemy's guild to win.

> The victorious guild also needs to participate in the bidding in the next territorial war.

> You can participate in the bidding of other territories in the next week of victory.

-If the guardian stone of your own or enemy guild is not destroyed in the end, all the guilds participating in the territory will be judged as defeated by the system.

-If you win a territory battle, you will receive a victory reward and taxes accumulated in the previous week.

-All characters participating in a territory war can attack each other (self/enemy)

-There will be no death penalty when dying in a territorial battle.

-After death, after the resurrection standby time expires, the character will resurrect at the position of the guardian stone of the army.

-Before the resurrection standby time is over, 200 diamonds can be consumed for immediate resurrection (immediate resurrection: limit 10 times)

-The more deaths, the longer the standby time for resurrection.

-teleport is not possible during territorial wars (but you can return to the village.)

-Each guild in the territory war can send up to 30 people to participate.

-During the territorial war, each guild can still send members into the battlefield at any time, but the upper limit is 30.

-The  guilds participating in the territorial battle will be assigned to the team, and the team icon will be displayed on the character.

> The  guild that wins in the battle can get a total of 40 clan funds.

> The  guild that loses in the battle will return 40% of the  guild funds of its own  guild's winning bid.



-When the catapult is selected, the energy bar is activated to prompt the attacking target team.

-Select the team you want to attack. After the energy bar is full, the sling has a chance to attack the guard stone of the target team.

-In the activated state, if you move, die, attack, use skills, etc., the activated state will be cancelled

-The trebuchet can be used again after a period of time after use.

Attack/defense magic circle

-When the magic circle is selected, the energy of the activation bar will increase. After activation, you can get a buff that is beneficial to combat.

-The buff effect is applied to all teams that activate the magic circle and only lasts for a period of time.

-Movement, death, attack, and skill use during activation will cancel it.

-After the magic circle is used up, it can be used again after a certain period of time.

-Attack magic array activation gain effect: attack power +10, magic attack power +15

-Defensive magic array activation gain effect: magic defense power +10, damage reduction +5

-When the character dies, the magic circle buff will also be deleted.


-Buildings that hinder the passage of roads can be destroyed by attacks.

-Destroyed roadblocks will not regenerate even if time passes


-Located near the guardian stone, it will automatically attack when it detects nearby enemies.

-Although the guards can be destroyed by attacks, they will respawn after a certain period of time.

Guard tower

-Fixed and attack enemies near the guardian stone.

-Although the guard tower can be destroyed by attack, it will be restored after a certain period of time.

Guardian stone

-Decide whether the territory will win or lose, and it must be protected from destruction.

-The color of the guardian stone is different for each team.

-Through the attack of the trebuchet and the character, the guardian stone can be attacked.

-According to the remaining vitality of the guardian stone, the system will prompt the guardian stone status message.

-After the guardian stone is destroyed, the system will display information about which team's guardian stone was destroyed.

Exclusive features for territorial warfare


-When the function is activated, you can fix the character at the current position and attack the enemy character within the range.

-If you want to move the character, you need to select this button to turn off the function.

Guild Leader Target Designation System

-A function that can only be used by the leader of the guild. You can specify the enemy character as the target.

-If the enemy character is designated as the target, it will be marked as a bullseye icon in the view of the guild members.

Status board

-You can check the current status of the battle for killing/helping/death of your character.

-After selecting each team in the guardian stone project, it will automatically move to the guardian stone of that team.

-To stop automatic movement, you need to click the selected team again.

-Select the trebuchet/magic circle in the equipment item, it will automatically move to that position.

-To stop automatic movement, you need to click the selected device again.

Territory battle result

-Destroy all the guardian stones of the opposing team to win the battle of the territory and get the tax of the territory.

-The guardian stone cannot be destroyed and there is no victorious team, the system will judge all defeated

-Select the result view button to confirm the battle achievements and contribution of the members of the guild.

Tax distribution

-If you win in the battle of the territory, you will receive victory rewards and taxes accumulated in the past week. (Belonging to the blood alliance)

-Tax distribution can be done in the [Domain Wars>Tax Distribution] menu, and only the clan leader can do it.

-In the tax distribution menu, you can confirm the current tax rate, the current status of the remaining tax, the tax distribution method, and the distribution.

-When the tax is distributed, the tax can be distributed according to the distribution method.

> Even distribution: The members of the guild distribute taxes equally.

> Lords get: All the accumulated taxes will be distributed to the leader of the clan.

> Rank distribution: Rank distribution according to weekly contribution.

* The members of the guild who have less than 500 contributions during the week or have joined the guild for less than 24 hours will be excluded from the distribution.