[EOS RED] - Attendance 2021.06.01Back


- Login to the game and enter the menu to receive attendance bonus items.

- The number of days to attend is shared by all characters on the same server.

- Attendance records will be reset at 5:00 a.m. daily.

- After 5am each day, the first character to visit the menu will be rewarded with the corresponding number of days of attendance.

- Rewards will be immediately issued to the backpack, when the gold, purified soul exceeds the maximum limit, you will not be able to get the additional reward

- Attendance bonus can be changed according to updates, events, etc.

※ This image is a sample image. Please check the [Menu > Attendance] page in the game for the actual attendance bonus.

Daily Attendance Bonus

- 35 times of attendance will be rewarded with items corresponding to the number of days of attendance.

Awards for more than 7 days of consecutive attendance

- The additional bonus will be provided when you attend 7 consecutive days without missing a single day.

- Additional rewards will be given to those who attend for more than 7 days in a row.

- After 7 days of consecutive attendace, if there is a break in the period, you have to complete 7 days of consecutive attendance again to get additional rewards

Attendance bonus after 36 days

- After all the 35 times of awards are obtained, the 36th day of attendance will be continuously obtained every day after the start of the 36th day of attendance.