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Purified Soul

- The Purified Soul provides an additional gain in EXP and gold gained from hunting monsters.

- EXP gained through battles can consume the purified soul.

- No additional increase in EXP and golds will be provided until after the purified soul is restored to 0.

- When the amount of purified soul is 0, it will restrict the acquisition of equipment items. (The restriction can be removed if the value is above 1)

- After the game is over, the purified soul can be slowly restored in the village in a non-combat state. (2 points per minute)

- You can restore the purified soul by using the Botan's Blessing, activities, quests, and activation of the collection.

- The purified soul is first consumed from the natural recovery amount, and after it is consumed, additional purified souls will be consumed.

- The maximum amount of soul addition recovery for purification is 9000, and it will not continue to recover if it exceeds the maximum.


- Select the Purified Soul icon at the bottom of the mini map to view the details of the purified soul.

- Regeneration, can be confirmed with additional recovery amount.

- The effect of the current purified soul can be confirmed.

a. When the purified soul is 0, there is no additional EXP, the amount of gold gained increases, and access to equipment items is limited.

b. If the purified soul is above 1, the EXP will be applied, the gold gain +100% effect, and the limitation of obtaining equipment and items will be removed.

-Click on the menu in the acquisition path to move to the system interface. ( Craft, attendance, mission )

The method of recovery of the purified soul

- Use Botan's Blessing to recover.

- Botan's Blessing can be obtained when the equipment fails to enhance the item and the item is damaged.

- Players can make Botan's blessing by using the adventurer's card material

- The adventurer's card can be obtained by hunting monsters.

- You can obtain a purified soul by signing into the reward.

- Through the quest, the reward for completing the quest will be the purified soul.

- If you use the diamond to recover through the healer's recovery, you can get the Purified Soul (except free recovery)

- You can get a purified soul after registering the item in the collection and activating it.

- You can use Botan's Blessing to recover.

- Botan's Blessing can be obtained from the itmes dropped by fighting monsters.

- Botan's Blessing can be obtained through the exchange.