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- A system that enables equipment to enhance battle power

- Enhancement has a chance of success and failure.

- The equipment will be damaged and disappear when it fails to enhance.

- You will need an Enhancement Scroll and golds to use the Enhancement System.

- The enhancement system can be activated through the enhancement button of the item details or through the use button of the enhancement scroll to open the enhancement interface

[1] This is the space where you can place equipment and items while enhancement is in progress.

[2] This is the space where you can place the enhancement scroll.

- Weapons, Armors, accessories require different types of enhancement scroll.

- Weapons and armors are divided into the following three types of enhancement scrolls.

a. Normal Enhancement Scroll: +1 to Enhancement Level upon successful enhancement

b. Shining scroll: +1~+3 when the enhancement is successful.

c. Faded Enhancement Scroll:  The Level will 100% decrease( -1) during Enhancement.

- There is only one type of scroll for accessory enhancement, namely "Normal".

- Increase +1 ~ +3 randomly when you successfully enhanced with a shining enhancement scroll during the +0 ~ +9 enhancement level.

- After +10 enhancing level, the normal/ shining enhancement scroll will be +1 when the enhancement succeeds.

[3] Immediate Enhancement

- Complete the function at once until +5 or +6

- The number of scrolls corresponding to the enhancement scroll must be adequate before the immediate enhancement function can be used

[4] Selectable area for equipping items and enhancement scrolls

- Select the equipment you want to enhance.

- Select the scroll that corresponds to the equipment type.

[5] Displays enhancement information.

- Tips on the security range for enhancement

- All equipment and items below +6 are safe range for enhancement

- The safety range for enhancement do not exist for paid accessories, there is always a chance of failure, resulting in the destruction of accessories and props disappear from +1.

- The information that the corresponding attribute in the equipment will be changed after the enhancement value is increased.

- Shows the amount of gold needed to Enhancement.