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- Equipment, Consumption, or other storage space for items.

- Inventory basic space is 50 slots, backpack space is expandable

Additional inventory space

- Inventory space can be used through the diamond each time to increase the space of 5 slots, up to a maximum increase of 150 slots.

- 100 diamonds are required for every 5 cells of expansion up to 100 cells, and then 200 diamonds are required for every 5 cells of expansion up to 150 cells.


- Wearing equipment items can enhance the character's battle power

- Equipment is divided into common equipment and class-specific equipment

- Each slot can wear a piece of equipment, using the automatic equipment function can directly put on all the equipment items.

- When you use automatic equipment, the system will give priority to the equipment with the highest battle power in each part to wear.


- Potion, Summon Scroll,  Skill book and other items that will be consumed after being used.

- Consumption can be used directly in the inventory or placed in a quick slot.


- Other items are all items except equipment and consumptions.

- Among other items, Soulstones can be opened through the management button to open the dedicated Soulstone system interface.

√ Tip

- Sorting can be done automatically by sorting items through the sorting button.

- Click twice in a row to put on or take off the equipment

- Click twice in a row to use the consumption

- Click twice in a row to access the Soulstone System

Equipment set switching

- The equipment being worn can be divided into Set A and Set B.

- Equipment from set A can be re-worn on set B

- The A and B buttons can be used to quickly switch the equipment being worn

- The equipment worn on set A or B cannot be disassembled or deleted.

- After the set is switched, it will take some time before it can be switched again.