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- Press the attack button after specifying the target and the attack will be done.

- When the attack button is activated, the target will continue to be attacked until it dies, unless the target is unlocked or otherwise acted upon...

Auto Attack

- After activating the Auto Attack function, the battle will be conducted according to the auto-hunt settings.

- After activating Auto Attack, the skills and items that are registered in quick slot and enabled for auto usage will be used automatically.

- [Menu > Option > Hunt] You can change the setting of Auto Attack in the menu.


- When the self-targeting function is enabled, skills such as recovery and buff will only be used on yourself.

- When your self-targeting function is not activate, you can use recovery , buff and other skills to others.


- Search for a target by selecting the exploration settings, and then select or change the target when you reach it.

- Lock the target by clicking on it after you find it.

- You can change the target setting in the menu. [Menu > Option > Target]


- Click directly on the monster to fix the target.

Equipment set changing

- After clicking the button, you can switch between the A set and B set of equipment you are wearing.

- The equipment changing can only be used again after a certain period of time from the previous change.


- You can check the target you have chosen.

- You can identify the target you are attacking

- You can explore the surrounding targets around yourself (monsters or other players)

- When no target is selected or no action is taken, there will be no target information displayed.

- When you select the searching target icon, you will be searching according to the search target settings.

- [Settings > Target > Target searching] You can set the searching target in this menu.

Target Selection

- Display the target you have chosen.

- After clicking the target you have selected, you will then attack the target.

Attack Target

- Show the target you are currently attacking

- When you are attacked by your opponent in a non-combat situation, you will automatically turn your opponent into an attack target.