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- There are common equipment and exclusive equipment for each class.

- There are common skills and exclusive skills for each class.

- Each class is sorted into basic ability points and additional recommended ability points

Please confirm the following class information before selecting your own suitable character.


Has strong physical strength and defensive power, with a strong close-range attack ability.

A frontline character in combat.

* Specific Weapon: Huge Sword

* Recommended Ability Point : Strength

* Basic Ability Point : Strength 10 / Dexterity 8 / Intelligence 5 / HP 11 / Wisdom 6


Has a powerful attacking ability and high hit rate value, specialized in using the bow and arrow for long-range combat.

A powerful long-range attacker in the rear during battle.

* Specific Weapon : Bow and Arrow

* Recommended Ability Point : Dexterity

* Basic Ability Point : Strength 6 / Dexterity 10 / Intelligence 7 / HP 8 / Wisdom 9


Has a tremendous magical attacking power and healing ability to cure your party.

A class which uses great magical power to attack enemies and heal its own partner during battle.

* Specific Weapon : Staff

* Recommended Ability Point : Intelligence

* Basic Ability Point : Strength 5 / Dexterity 8 / Intelligence 10 / HP 7 / Wisdom 10


A class with high close range evasion and high attack power.

Good at using a kind of special melee skills to assassinate opponents by surprise.

* Dedicated weapon: short sword

* Recommended ability points: strength, agility

* Basic ability points: Strength 10 / Dexterity 8 / Intelligence 5 / HP 11 / Wisdom 6


A class that can use both physical and magical attacks, while using both shields and blunt weapons.

Bravely breaking into the enemy's army and disintegrating the enemy's formation is the feature of this class.

※Specific Weapon:Mace

※Recommended Ability Point:Strength、Intelligence

※Basic Ability Point : Strength 9 / Dexterity 7 / Intelligence 8 / HP 10 / Wisdom 6

Creating a Character

-  You can create a character in an empty character slot.

-  There are three empty character slots in the beginning.

-  Using a character slot expansion sroll allows you to add an empty character slot.

-  Character slot expansion srolls can be purchased from the [Shop > Common] menu.

Deleting a Character

- The character can only be deleted after reaching level 65

-  When you apply for deletion of a character, you must wait 7 days for the deletion to be completed, and you can withdraw the deletion application at any time within 7 days.

- After the character is deleted, all equipment and props belonging to the character will be deleted and cannot be restored (except for items shared between the account)

Naming a Character

- Character names are limited within 2 characters or more and 8 characters or less.

- Character names can be entered in Chinese, English, or numbers (no special symbols, blanks, or other special characters)

- In addition, abusive and obscene words are not allowed to be used in the character names according to the operation regulations.