[EOS RED] Server Merge 2021.08.25Back

[Server Merge Time]

During Maintenance (2021-09-01)

[Server Merge Plan]


1. Because of preparation for Server Merge, the following functions will be suspended for a while.

[Suspend Time]

2021/08/25 after maintenance ~ 2021/09/01 before maintenance

[Suspend Function]

◾️ Market: Unable to register.

◾️ Parcel: Unable to send.

◾️ Character Creation: Unable to create new characters until the server is merged.

◾️ Bounty: Cannot register bounty.

◾️ Character Slot Expansion Scroll: Unable to buy.

◾️ Guild Revenge: Unable to register.

2. Pre-Server Merge Operation Details

◾️ When there are duplicate nicknames in the two merged servers

1. If the two merged servers have duplicate nicknames, they will be given temporary names. Both parties need to change their names after logging in to enter the game.

2. If one of the parties is the first to log in and change the temporary name back to the original nickname, the other will no longer be able to use the original nickname and need to settle a new nickname to log in.

3. The repeated nickname can only be used by the person who originally used the nickname.

4. Characters whose nicknames are not repeated can directly log in to the game.

◾️ Character arrangement when Server Merge

1. After the servers are merged, the character will be aligned according to the following rules:

-The one with the highest character level has the priority.

-When the character has the same amount of level, the character created earlier has the priority.

2. If the Character Slot does not have a paid expansion slot, only the basic 3 fields can be used after the merge.

-If there are more than 3 characters after server merge, you need to pay and expand your character slot or delete the currently displayed character.

3. If your account has paid character slot, you still only can use up to 5 (3 free fields + 2 paid expansion fields) after the merge.

-If your paid character slot total exceeds more than 2, the system will return 500 Diamonds per slot to your mailbox.

-When the server has more than 5 characters after server merge, the 6th slot will be hidden. You need to delete the 1st~5th slot to show the hidden characters.

4. The character waiting to be deleted will be deleted together after the server merge.

For example:

-A Server: Have Lv.70 Character, Lv.65 Character, Lv.60 Character, and Lv.55 Character.

-B Server: Have Lv.82 Character, Lv.72 Character, and Lv.63 Character.

-When A and B servers are merged into the C server, the character arrangement will become:

*Slot 1: Lv.82 Character (Free Slot)

*Slot 2: Lv.72 Character (Free Slot)

*Slot 3: Lv.70 Character (Free Slot)

*Slot 4: Lv.65 Character (Paid Slot)

*Slot 5: Lv.63 Character (Paid Slot)

*Slot 6: Lv.60 Character (Hidden Slot)

*Slot 7: Lv.60 Character (Hidden Slot)

* The Character from the hidden slot will be displayed after deleting one of the original slots (1~5 slot).

3. Guild name rules after Server Merge

◾️If there is a duplicate Guild name after Server Merge, a temporary name will be assigned, and the Guild name can be changed within a period after the server is merged.

-Change the Guild name after the Server Merge, you can change it through the [Guild Information] menu.

*Guild that has not changed their names will be changed to random names on September 8th.

◾️The information of Ally and Enemy of the Guild will be reset after the Server Merge.

4. Rank after Server Merge

◾️All ranking information will be reset, and the ranking will be updated after the server merge is completed.

*Guild Rank/Battle Power Rank/Level Rank/PVP Rank

5. Pets

◾️ Hold the same type of pets

-When holding the same type of pet, the pet with a higher level and experience value (including skills) will be displayed.

-Pets with lower level and experience value will be added to higher same type of pet.

-If both same pets worn the same type of orb, it will choose the higher one and delete the lower-level orb.

◾️ Pet Collection

-all pet collections will also be merged and applied

6. Collection Book

◾️ Item Collection

- All Item Collection will also be merged and applied

- Item Collection completed in the process of merging will not have the completion rewards.

◾️ Monster Collection

- All Monster Collection will also be merged and applied with higher abilities.

- Monster Collection completed in the process of merging will not have the completion rewards.

7. Friends

◾️ All friend lists will be reset

◾️ All Registered Alert will be reset

8. Bounty

◾️ Unclaimed bounty will be reset when the servers are merged

9. Warehouse

◾️ Warehouse field

- Consolidate all the items stored in the warehouse in the server will be cost-effective

- If the number of props after the cost exceeds the maximum field, the excess props will be hidden.

- Hidden props will be displayed when empty fields in the warehouse are generated

- After the merger, if the warehouse field expansion exceeds the upper limit, the fields exceeding the upper limit will be returned to the player in diamonds.

10. Market

◾️ After Server Merge, all of the market information (average, lowest/highest price, sales volume, etc.) will be recounted.

◾️ Items that have not been sold on the market will be returned to you

-When the limit of the backpack slot is exceeded, the excess items will be hidden.

-When there is an empty slot in the backpack slot the hidden props will be displayed.

◾️The diamonds settled by the market will be sent to the mailbox

◾️Market settle history will be reset

◾️The number of daily purchases will be reset according to the market purchase stage

◾️The higher level of market purchase stage will be applied

11. Currency

◾️All the currency held after server merge will be calculated. If the holding amount exceeds the upper limit, it will be distributed to the mailbox.

-Diamond holding limit: 99,999,999

-Gold coin holding limit: 99,999,999,999

-Mileage holding limit: 99,999,999

◾️ Illegal Diamonds will be deleted after the server merge.

12. Chat

◾️Chat blacklist will be reset

◾️The chat macro will be reset when the app is newly installed or reinstalled.

◾️After the Server Merge, if you log in with the original app, the chat macro will remain.

13. Store (Diamond)

◾️Based on 2 server purchase limit will be reset.

◾️Currency and items in the bank will be re box will be calculated

14. Parcel

◾️ After Server merge, if you send a parcel to a character that is not prioritized (a character that exceeds the upper limit of the slot), the package will be returned.

-When the limit of the backpack slot is exceeded, the excess items will be hidden.

-When there is an empty slot in the backpack slot the hidden props will be displayed.

15. Mail

◾️All items at the mailbox will be deleted after the server merge.

16. Attendance

◾️ After the Server Merge, the system will choose the higher completion day between the two servers.

17. Battle Log

◾️The battle record will be reset

18. Prison

◾️Report record will be maintained

◾️The character staying time in the prison will be maintained

19. Soul Stone

◾️Soul stone engrave will be maintained

20. Other reset items

◾️The number of purchases of products in the store will be reset.

◾️The number of item purchases in the event NPC store will be reset.

◾️The number of purchases of novice and intermediate gift packages will be reset.

◾️The puzzle system will reset the first reward every day