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《EOS RED》 How to redeem Seize your ID  coupon number

Hello, Chosen, we glad to tell you how to redeem the coupon number of the "Seize your ID" . This coupo number can be directly used to create a character (including: server, ID)

1. Enter the official website of EOS RED

2. Click "Go to query" to check detail.

3. Enter the "phone number"correctly

(You need the screenshot of your mobile phone number)

4.  press "Copy serial number" on the right

5. Go to the login screen in the game and click "Find  Reserved Character" at the bottom right

6. Enter the mobile phone number and ID to redeem the serial number. After entering the information, as the screenshot below, the "Confirm" status will change from gray to blue, and then press the "Confirm" button

7. After pressing the "Confirm" button, a small window will display information about the ID. If it is correct, press the "Create Character" button

8. Go to the character creation screen, confirm that the character class and ID are correct, and press "Create Reservation Character" to complete the character creation!


* Only players who have participated in the [Seize your ID] can use the function of [Find  Reserved Character]

* After successfully retrieving the Reserved  ID of the character in the [Find  Reserved Character] function, the character class can still be changed.

* After the [Seize your ID] has been completed, if the phone number does not exist in the process of [[Find  Reserved Character], please close the game and log in again and try again.

Sincerely, "EOS RED" R&D team