Privacy Policy

BluePotion Games Co., Ltd" (hereinafter referred to as "the company") values ​​the personal data of customers and abides by relevant laws and regulations.

Through this privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this policy"), the company will inform users of the purpose and method of using personal information provided by customers, and what measures are being taken to protect personal information.

When the company revises the policy of this application, it will be notified through an public announcement (or individual announcement).

If there are any additions, deletions or modifications to the current privacy policy, the company will notify users in advance.

1. Collection/Personal data we use

The company will collect the following personal data to provide services.

-Collecting data

*Terminal data (model name, system version, device identification number, etc.) and number, mobile phone number, telecommunications company information, application online publishing platform information, game version, email, name, ID nickname, game and service usage records, Game access records, cookies, payment records, paid billing information, promotional activity participation records, and product-related information

-How to collect personal data

*Used when purchasing games, network access, purchasing points, member registration, customer center, content and service promotion activities, self-developed content or service platform, first registration on the partner platform by using the consent system or Separate consent process for collection

*If the user has agreed to collect other personal data, only the data you have agreed to will be collected

*The user can choose to refuse to provide the above personal information. If the user refuses, some or all of the services may not be available.

2.Purpose of collecting and using personal data

The company uses the collected personal data for the following purposes and will not use it for other purposes except for the following purposes.

However, if the client agrees in advance or agrees to disclose personal information in accordance with laws and regulations, it can be disclosed to a third party when necessary in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the investigation agency.

-Provide game services and contracts, similar contracts or other legal relationship matters, and settle according to the cost of the services provided

-Event winning news, event prize delivery, content provision, purchase and payment

-Membership Management

Authenticate identity verification based on the usage of member services to prevent illegal use of unauthorized members and prevent unauthorized use.

-Promotional advertisement or marketing, etc. Personalize or analyze the use behavior of this product to show users the promotion message of relevant preference, develop new services or improve existing services, etc.

3.Retention of personal data

The user confirms and authorizes the company to retain and store all the information provided by it and place it in one or more databases of the company. The company will control and protect all data in these databases in accordance with strict security and confidentiality standards, and will never disclose it to other persons and organizations not related to this service.

4.Use period of personal data

(1)Use period: Otherwise statement provided by laws and regulations or this privacy protection policy, The Use period will continue unless this platform ceases operation or the user submits a request to the company to terminate the use.

5.Description of personal data destruction method

After the company has collected and completed the use of personal data, if there is no need to continue to use it, the personal data will be destroyed.

Personal data destruction method:

-Personal data stored in electromagnetic records will be destroyed in a way that cannot be restored or copied.

-Personal data recorded in paper records will be shredded and the shredded paper will be destroyed.

6.Measures to ensure the security of personal data

The company will take the following measures to ensure the security of personal information.

-Management measures: formulation and implementation of internal management plans, regular staff training, etc.

-Technical measures: Management of access rights to personal data processing systems, installation of access control systems, encryption of unique identification data, etc., installation of security protection software, and data backup.

-Physical measures: Access restrictions on computer rooms, data databases, etc.

7.Provision of personal data to third parties

In principle, the company does not provide personal data for external use.

However, the following cases are excluded.

-In the case of obtaining the user's prior consent

-The service fee for using this product service needs to be settled

-The company is required to disclose information to the public agency that is required by the judiciary or other competent authority based on laws and regulations.

8.Third-party services, entrust personal data

In order to continuously optimize the quality of service, the company may entrust an external professional company to host and operate the business, and will require it to manage and insured personal data in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Trustee: Qroad Corporation

Entrusted purpose: customer service consulting service


Purpose of Entrustment: Joint promotion, operation and distribution of game services

9.For purpose of providing users with full enjoyment of the personalization and membership and other related services provided by this service. When users use this platform service, this platform will place a cookie (a file transmitted and stored from the server to the application), In the electronic equipment used by the user, this cookie does not include a design that incorporates personal identification data, but records the user's replacement of personalization settings and usage habits within this service.

(1)A cookie is a very small text file used for message communication between the application and the server, and the relevant information is stored in the user's device. When the user uses the application, the server will read the content of the cookie stored in the user's device to provide customized services that the user needs.

(2)Users can choose whether to install cookies. Therefore, the user can allow all cookies in the settings or options, or confirm whether to agree to storage every time a cookie needs to be stored, or refuse to store all cookies. If the user refuses to store all cookies, it may cause some restrictions on the use of this product and service, or may not be able to use this product and service.

-The company will collect and use the user's advertising identification symbols to provide more useful services.

(1)Advertising identification symbols are non-permanent, non-personal identification symbols, such as Android advertising ID and Apple's advertising ID, and are not used as personal identification data.

(2)The user can refuse to use the device by changing the settings of the device, and can reset it at any time.

(3)How to refuse the collection of advertising identifiers

>For Android, [Settings->Google->Advertising] or [Settings->General->Accounts and Sync-

>Google->Personal Data and Privacy->Advertising Settings]

>For iOS [Settings->Profile->Advertising]

-The company can use the Google Analytics (analysis) web log (for users) analysis function.

(1)In this case, the company uses the processed de-identification data, so the company cannot identify a single user.

(2)Users can refuse to use Google Analytics.

(3)How to block Google Analytics


10. The user of the personal data collected by the company may claim to exercise the following rights in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law:Inquiry or request to read.

-Request to make copies.

-Request supplements or corrections.

-Request to stop collection, processing or utilization.

-Request deletion.

The company may charge a reasonable fee for complying with the above requirements. If users have any questions about this policy or matters related to personal data protection, please contact the company via, and the company will reply as soon as possible.