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- A system that can give equipment additional abilities.

- You can obtain materials for making runes when hunting monsters in the dungeon of Kronos mainland.

Rune Crafting

- You can craft runes that can be enchanted on weapons, armors, and accessories.

- Depending on the equipment, the types of runes that can be enchanted are also different.

- Weapon

> ATK Rune

> M.ATK Rune

- Armor (Helmet)

> DMG Reduction Rune

> Accuracy Rune

- Armor (Upper)

> DEF Rune

> M.DEF Rune

- Armor (Lower)

> Melee EVA Rune

> Ranged EVA Rune

- Armor (Inner)

> HP Regen Rune

> MP Regen Rune

- Armor (Belt)

> MAX HP Rune

> MAX MP Rune

- Armor (Glove)

> PVP ATK Rune

> PVP DEF Rune

- Armor (Shoe)

> Ranged DMG Reduction Rune

> Melee DMG Reduction Rune

- Accessory (Necklace)

> CRIT DMG Reduction Rune

> CRIT DMG Increase Rune

- Accessory (Earring)

> CRIT EVA Rate Rune

> M.CRIT Evasion Rate Rune

- Accessory (Bracelet)

> CRIT Rate Rune

> M.CRIT Rate Rune

- Accessory (Ring)

> Skill Effect Rate Rune

> Magic Concentration Rune

Rune Attachment

- Rune Socket can be unlocked up to 3 slots, based on the enhancement value of the equipment.

- Runes will be attached in order,no other rune can be attached if there is already a rune in the slot.

- You can attach different rune enhancement values, depending on the level of the equipment.

- When a rune is attached to the slot, the attributes of the rune will be applied.

- Attached rune can be removed in the [Rune Management].

*Equipment with runes will have the following restrictions.

-Cannot be registered for market or parcel. (You can proceed after the rune is removed)

-No storage, no enhancement, no dismantling, Cannot sell, Cannot register in collection book, and can not be used as production materials. (You can proceed after the rune is removed)

- if you recover your equipment that has attached with runes, the rune will not be destroyed.

-If the PVP loot is equipped with a rune, the attached rune will disappear.

Rune Management

- After clicking the item, select [Rune Management] to attach or remove the rune.

- You can check your runes in [Inventory]-[Runes].

- Crafted runes will be kept in the backpack separately, as it is not included in the inventory limit.

-You can filter the desired rune by sorting the enhancement value and ability value.

Rune enhancement

-The same type of runes and a certain amount of gold will be needed for enhancing the Rune.

-Runes that are attached to equipment cannot be enhanced. (Please remove the runes first for enhancement)

-When doing rune enhancement, it needs to consume 1 of the same type and the same enhancement value.


[+1 ATK Rune] & [+1 ATK Rune] can be enhance

[+1  ATK Rune] & [+1 M. ATK Rune] Can not be enhance

[+1  ATK Rune] & [+2 ATK Rune] Can not be enhance

-The results of enhancement include success and failure.

> Success: enhance the value +1

> Failed: The state of the rune remains unchanged, and the rune used as the material will disappear.

-The ability value of the rune in each stage is fixed

-The maximum number that can be enhanced is 40.

-The higher the enhancement value, the stronger the attribute ability adds, which can up to +7.

Rune Dismantle

- You can obtain rune fragments by dismantling specific types of runes.

- You can get more rune fragments by dismantling enchanted runes.