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-Mailbox is the place that keeps event rewards or check your rewards

-The max number of mail is 100

-The expired mail will be automatically deleted

-Character within the same server can share the mailbox

Receiving mail

-Click “Collect” or “Collect All” button to receive the item from the mail..

-Cannot collect more items when there isn’t enough space in your backpack.


-Package is the trading system outside the market

-The difference between Package and the market is that the package directly sends the item to a specific character and charges the amount for the item.

-Package can be used in the mailbox page.

-The character who receives the package can pay the requested amount to collect the item

-Shipping the package needs stamps.

-Stamps can be bought at [Shop] in the [Common] page, character must be Lv. 50 or above to make the purchase.

-The stamp will not return to you when you cancelled the shipment. (For both return or recover)

-The sender of the package needs to pay a certain amount of processing fee to collect the payment received.

Collecting the package

[1]List of packages wait for collection

-Can view the item contents and requested amount

-The max number of uncollected packages are 100, the uncollected packages will automatically return to the sender after 12 hours.

-Click the package to open up the detail information page.

[2]Detail information page

-Can view the sender, the content, and the requested amount of the package

-Click return to cancel the collection of the package and return the item to the sender.

-Click accept the pay the requested amount and move the item to your backpack.

Sending Package

[1]List of packages to be sent

-Can view the current number of stamps possessed.

-If you have the stamy, you can send the package.

-Click send to view the Package Sending page.

[2]Package sending page

-Select recipient.

-The recipient can be your friend or guild member.

-Select the items and enter the quantity to be sent and the requested amount for the package to send the package.

-When setting the requested amount, it cannot be less than the min amount

-There will be no processing fee when you send the package

-After the trading of the package is completed, the sending button will then show collecting

-When collecting the payment for the package, you will pay a certain amount of diamonds as the processing fee

-Can send up to 4 packages at a time.

Cancelling the Parcel

[1] Parcel delivery can be cancelled within 5 minutes.

-When the package is cancelled, the used stamps will not be refunded.

[2] After 5 minutes, the cancel sending button is changed to requesting. This means that the sending cannot be cancelled.

Parcel Record

-The parcel record can confirm the transaction record of the last 90 days.

-The required amount is the required amount set when you send the parcel.

-The amount received is the amount excluding the handling fee from the amount submitted

by itself.

-The payment amount is the amount paid after receiving the parcel.